This page is designed for current Key Advantage licensees seeking to obtain a copy of their Nevada Real Estate license.

All licensees should be advised that the most current copy of the Nevada Real Estate license is available online through the following link: Nevada Real Estate Division Online Services (

The physical license must remain at the brokerage while hanging at Key Advantage in accordance with statute.

Pocket Card Request – 

Licensees are discouraged from removing the pocket card from the license / or requesting that the brokerage do so on their behalf as this pocket card must be returned to the Nevada Real Estate Division should the licensee every transfer to another brokerage. Division / statute includes but is not limited to: “License and Pocket card …must be returned to the division” should the licensee elect to transfer to another brokerage. Keeping the license and the pocket card together and filed at the brokerage location is recommended. In lite of this, licensee who still wish to separate the pocket card from the license must complete the request in writing after being advised of the policies surrounding the pocket card. The licensee may complete the pocket card request form below should the licensee still decide to request the pocket card be detached from the license and mailed to the licensee. Key Advantage will ONLY send the pocket card via US Mail. In completing the pocket card request form, the licensee recognizes the following:

  • The pocket card will be sent via US Mail within 2 business days of the request.
  • The brokerage is not responsible should the pocket card be lost or damaged in the US Mailing of said card
  • The Nevada Real Estate Division online search option linked at the top of this page represents the most current information available as it pertains to the license status and validation of said license.

    Scanned Copy of the license request – 

    Though the licensee can complete the copy of license request form below, the license should be advised that any copy of the license will read “VOID” across the any copy made of the license. The state purposes creates / prints all licenses with a copy only water mark to void any copy of the license. It is strongly recommended that the online copy of the license be used to prove licensure. Use the link above to print an online copy of the license.