Practice Real Estate under Key Advantage

Key Advantage now permits the practice of real estate without being a member of the MLS. Click here to examine the addendum to the brokerage agreement 

Represent the traditional buyer:

Licenses are supplied with standardized forms and are encouraged to use public forums such as for searches and property evaluations.

Represent the traditional seller:

Key Advantage has established a sub agency which contracts specific MLS related listing services through

Key licensees joining the brokerage prior to January 1 2024 must acknowledge an addendum to the original brokerage agreement which outlines the obligations of the licensee and brokerage as it relates to this practice.

Interested? Submit this request form. Once submitted, Key Advantage will send the licensee the addendum permitting practice. The licensee will also be afforded with additional tools within the Key Advantage licensee dashboard at

Follow up traditionally occurs within 1 business day. Use the contact form if your request is not fulfilled in a timely manner.

Use the contact form to reach out to Key Advantage with any additional questions