This page is designed for current (this page should not be used by licensees not licensed under the Key Advantage brokerage) Key Advantage licensees seeking to obtain a State Form or Broker Signature. See the new licensees or transferring licensees pages to become a member of Key Advantage.

Broker Signature – Licensees often require a broker signature on a referral form or similar practical document. Forms or documents requiring a signature should be sent via email to – Once submitted, the document is traditionally acknowledged within 2 business days.

State Form – Licensees often require a Nevada licensing form to be acknowledged by the broker. Should a state form be required, the licensee should send an email request to with the following information:

  • Form Number being requested
  • Name of licensee
  • Licensee phone number
  • Licensee mailing address
  • Nevada Real Estate License number
    • Once submitted, the state form is traditionally processed within 2 business days.
      • The form requires the license to be turned into the state department, the form and the license will be sent to the licensee via US MAIL at which point the licensee can file the paperwork with the Nevada Real Estate Division.

***Key Advantage Realty does not complete paperwork in person. All paperwork is completed via Docusign and US Mail if required. 

Use the contact form to reach out to Key Advantage with any additional questions